Singer-songwriter L.A. Foster has debuted her introspective new single “Honestly”. The mellow, steady rhythm the Montreal artist has built into this track is sewn together by a uniquely composed electronic riff. It reverberates throughout, making for a truly hypnotizing sound, and marking Foster as an artist to follow. 



Foster seemed to bring a new energy to her set, having noticeably grown as a performer since playing SoundOff in February. She also excelled at bringing some darkness to the dance floor, coupling minor keys with her emotional vocals and impassioned drumming. Even the self-described "breakup song" she played was dance-worthy: synth, piano, beats and bass melded together expertly. Calgarians were lucky to experience Foster's sunny, wistful tracks.

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Lesley Ann Foster is a nomadic spirit, but she has invested a lot of time in the Montreal music scene. Last year, she released her debut EP, Saudade, which was produced by Young Galaxy’s Stephen Ramsay on the basis of their shared love of “sad dance music,” as she tells Cult MTL. Her expansive synth-pop sound is marked by her soaring, soulful voice and is very much comparable to Mozart’s Sister, with whom she used to perform. Since then, Foster hit the road for a brief hiatus but, in a message posted on Instagram last week, the musician hints at some exciting new music coming soon. — ML



New single 'Honestly' is a wide-open piece of songwriting, something L.A Foster describes as embodying "the raw truth".

It's a song about healing, moving past negativity, but comes from a place she says is "exposed and vulnerable".



C'est le fil directeur du clip pour la nouvelle chanson de la Montréalaise L.A. FOSTER, « Waverly ». Combinant la synthpop et le néo-disco de manière harmonieuse, elle nous livre ici une pièce touchante et émotive, sans toutefois être déprimante. Sur un fond de musique discrète et entrainante, L.A. Foster se souvient de moments d'extases et d'un amour ponctué par les drogues et l'alcool. 



Bringing together an eclectic combination of cumbia, reggaeton and house music, the new songs are held together with Foster's unique use of samples, hooks and soulful vocals. Across the four songs, the musician toys with her geographical influences, delivering emotional material that covers everything from "southern heat" to "gritty cold-weather breakups." 



Here’s a new one from previous Track Of The Day’er LA FOSTER, aptly titled Honestly, and off the back of which our Montreal-based future-pop hero seems to be making a decent amount of headway as it continues to course around all blogs great and small, mainly owning to it’s sonic pensiveness that exists between the worlds of LapsleyAbi Ocia, and the slick delivery of Robyn.

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L.A. Foster - our favourite rising star of the Montreal music scene - is back with a new track, revealed via a video that features the likes of Mozart's Sister, Ouss Langhzaoui from Hoan and Emilie Durville of the Grands Ballets Canadiens.